It Came From Outer Space DVD

It Came From Outer Space DVD
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The History Channel presents It Came From Outer Space. From the outer limits of the universe, some technologies have found their way back to Earth with surprising and indispensable commercial applications.

In this illuminating program, MODERN MARVELS explores how high-level NASA breakthroughs, originally developed for use in space, are now being applied to terrestrial challenges. Learn how paint that can withstand the heat of space shuttle reentry is also used to protect steel-framed high-rises from collapsing in a fire, and see how the oxygen tanks used by today s firefighters look remarkably similar to those used by astronauts during the famous Apollo missions. Finally, discover how batteries that keep crucial satellites in orbit are the same as those that take popular sports cars from zero to 60 in seconds flat.

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE goes beyond freeze-dried ice cream and TANG to uncover some of the important space-age innovations that have changed our world.