NASA Special 10 DVD Set

NASA Special 10 DVD Set
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This set has 2 sets in one package. NASA 50 Years of Space Exploration (1999) which is 5 DVDs consisting of the epic story of NASA and American space exploration like never before! This exciting and comprehensive 5-DVD collectors' edition takes you on the adventure of a lifetime, showcasing the most thrilling moments in U.S. space exploration, while also examining the heartbreaking events when tragedy struck our heroes. It's all here ... "The Eagle has landed" Apollo 11; John Glenn in Friendship 7; the docking of Apollo and Soyuz; Skylab; the Challenger disaster and much more of the dramatic events in NASA's 50 year history.

Also is the 5 DVD set of The History of the Space Shuttle (2011) which includes shuttle program history and video: Columbia’s autonomous journey around the Earth during February 1981 opened a new chapter in space exploration. The advent of a “spaceworthy” vehicle severed our dependence upon “Mission Control,” and placed the emphasis upon the new vistas observed by the astronauts themselves. The Space Shuttle represented the culmination of more than a century’s worth of thought and technological experimentation. This 5-DVD collection features hours of rare archival film and photographs dating back to the pioneering efforts of the 1960s that paved the way for Challenger’s ascent. After placing NASA’s “Space Workhorse” in context, History of the Space Shuttle takes you behind the scenes of every mission the vessels have undertaken during the past three decades. These years have been intensely dramatic ones for the program, as scientists have struggled to cope with new contingencies that the founders of rocket propulsion never dreamed of encountering. The march of progress has never been particularly smooth, and this series does not flinch from examining the tragic aspects of the Space Shuttle saga—including the horrific disintegration of Challenger a mere 16 minutes from home on February 1st 2003. Whether you are an aficionado of the space program or merely dipping into its lore, this extraordinary set features material that will open your eyes and pique your interest.